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The Blue Pumpkin- a true french bakery:

The Blue Pumpkin (TBP) was launched in Siem Reap in 2000; it began as a small bakery, conceived by renowned pastry chef, Arnaud Curtat and his wife, chef Su. Yary Meas, a Cambodian business angel/restaurateur, joined the couple 10 years later char broil infrared grill reviews, to support the expansion of the concept. By early…

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The Blue Pumpkin fine cuisine:

The Blue Pumpkin is a french bakery and patisserie, an ice cream parlor and a restaurant with a lounge atmosphere. The Blue Pumpkin owners pride themselves on the highest quality & freshest of ingredients. All our recipes are original, created in-house by our chefs, and capitalise on locally sourced seasonal products. The Blue Pumpkin goes,…

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The Blue Pumpkin Products:

Resturant: Whether you are having an important business lunch or grabbing a bite to eat with old friends, The Blue Pumpkin is here to offer you the best selection danby refrigerator reviews of both Asian and Western Cuisine. Now The Blue Pumpkin is both a bakery and a restaurant, as embellishments with international dishes were infused…

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