Call Tracking Solution: How Does The Software Work?  

Call tracking is used to get a complete outlook into the effectiveness of marketing strategy employed by each company. There is no guesswork, but more strategic and organized methods that are identified to suit each business needs. In this era of smart phones, consumer behavior has seen immense need for connectivity. Hence phone calls are a great way of connecting with customer. In order to have a substantial analysis, there needs to be software that can help out with the whole process. 


Call tracking solution software are great way of owning unique phone numbers by companies at a cheaper and fast rate. These numbers could be anything from nicknames, tags or labels that make them easy to be searched. Callbox: Pay per call marketplace with analytics, attribution, and tracking, Marketers allocate each of these numbers to different category of ad sources such as print, television, social media, etc. As you get customer call, it will be automatically tracked back to the source.