The Blue Pumpkin- a true french bakery:

The Blue Pumpkin (TBP) was launched in Siem Reap in 2000; it began as a small bakery, conceived by renowned pastry chef, Arnaud Curtat and his wife, chef Su. Yary Meas, a Cambodian business angel/restaurateur, joined the couple 10 years later char broil infrared grill reviews, to support the expansion of the concept. By early 2013, TBP operated 16 cafes providing employment to 330 staff members and is in the process of developing several additional locations throughout Cambodia.

The Blue Pumpkin began as a true french bakery & pastry shop, (although the NY cheesecake is out of this world!). The local clientele, as well as the growing tourist trade, yearned for more diverse flavours to be added to the popular bakery. As the cafe progressed, the owners decided to add an ice cream parlor, featuring homemade delicacies such as the northern ItalianĀ  cheap charcoal grills (DYNA) style gelatos (with treats of rare and exotic flavours; such as durian or passion fruit) along with the addition of a simple restaurant.

Now TBP is both a bakery and a restaurant, as embellishments with international dishes were infused into the menu, featuring representative entrees from all over the world but centered heavily on Cambodian culinary culture.

The Blue Pumpkin owners pride themselves on the highest quality & freshest of ingredients. All TBP recipes are original, created in-house by our chefs, and capitalise on locally sourced seasonal products. TBP goes, also, to great lengths importing specialty food-components directly from the source: Italy for their pastas, semolina, flour, and cheese, along with their wines from the snow-capped mountains of Argentina.

Although a long-standing institution, The Blue Pumpkin concept remains a homegrown brand, proud to be Cambodian and truly a citizen of the world.

Mission statement

To satisfy the taste buds of our guests and to shower them with the best customer service.

To treat our employees with dignity, respect and motivate them while continuing to grow with The Blue Pumpkin.

Social responsibility

The Blue Pumpkin is a socially responsible very cool outdoor and george foreman electric grill company building a coalition between employees, the community and shareholders. We train our staff, promote from within, and mentor our employees, who we source from the local community.

Providing stable employment, training and career opportunities allows the Cambodian people, we employ, a chance to honor their heritage.


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